Tattoo Removal Cost

Tattoo regret is an all too common problem. The good news is that tattoo removal is no longer an expensive process. The average tattoo removal cost is now lower than ever. Isn’t it time that you took advantage of this?

At the time, getting a tattoo seems like a great idea. Unfortunately however, as the years pass by, opinions can change. And eventually, that one time great investment can suddenly seem like a terrible mistake

Perhaps that lover became an enemy. Or perhaps that hilarious joke became decidedly immature. Either way, it’s surprisingly easy to find yourself on the internet looking for tattoo removal prices.

The good news is that tattoos can be removed. The bad news however is that it isn’t an easy task. For a start, not all tattoo removal methods are effective.

Tattoo removal creams, for example, are little more than marketing gimmicks. The science behind them is lazy at best, and downright misleading at worst.

The only effective way to permanently remove a tattoo is to invest in laser tattoo removal. It can be painful, it can be expensive but unlike tattoo removal cream, it actually works.

If you’re serious about tattoo removal, chances are the pain involved won’t put you off. If you can handle the pain associated with getting a tattoo, you can handle the pain associated with getting one removed.

Something that does put some people off however is the price. Tattoo removal prices depend upon a number of factors.

Factors that Affect Tattoo Removal Cost

Tattoo Removal CostChoice of Tattoo Removal Company

The cost of getting a tattoo varies depending on where you go and the same logic applies to tattoo removal. If you want to get a good price, not to mention, good results, it pays to do your research. You can learn how to choose a good tattoo removal company here.

Tattoo Color

Next, we have the color, or colors, of your tattoo. Most people assume that dark colors will be the most expensive to get rid of but it’s actually the opposite. Black tattoos are the easiest and therefore the cheapest to remove. Lighter colors, on the other hand, take longer and therefore cost significantly more.

Skin Tone

The color of your skin can also play a significant role in deciding tattoo removal costs. As a general rule of thumb, the darker your skin, the more expensive it will be to remove your tattoo.

Proximity to your Heart

The rate at which a tattoo can be removed depends largely upon the rate of blood flow beneath the surface. Because of this, the closer your tattoo is to your heart, the cheaper it will be to remove. For example, a chest tattoo can be removed a lot easier than an ankle tattoo.

Professional or Amateur Tattoo

Sometimes amateur tattoos are cheaper to remove than the professional variety. This is because they tend to be a lot shallower. In contrast to this however, some amateur tattoo artists use unusual substances that fail to react with the laser.Tattoo Removal Cost

Reduction or Removal

If you want tattoo reduction rather than tattoo removal, you can obviously expect to pay significantly less. Tattoo reduction doesn’t remove a tattoo completely but can facilitate a more successful cover up. When chosen correctly, tattoo cover ups can prove highly effective.

Five Ways to Cut Tattoo Removal Costs

Look at Total Costs

Look at the total cost rather than just the cost per session. Sometimes there’s a big difference between the two. For example, Picosure lasers are new and therefore the most expensive per session. At the same time however, they’re more effective and can therefore result in fewer sessions and a lower price overall.

Wait Until Winter

Demand for tattoo removal tends to peak during the Summer. People wear less clothes when the suns out and an unwanted tattoo can therefore become increasingly bothersome. If you want the lowest prices, it pays to get your tattoo removed during the Winter. Demand is lower and the prices follow suit.

Be Flexible

If you don’t want to wait until Winter to have your tattoo removed, you can still save money by being flexible with your appointment times. Tattoo removal clinics tend to be busiest at the weekends. And during the week, they’re busiest in the afternoons and the evenings. Weekday mornings are therefore your best bet for flexible pricing.

Pay in Advance

Laser tattoo removal typically requires between five and ten sessions. You will have the choice of either paying for the entire treatment upfront or paying for each session individually. If you have the cash, try to pay upfront. Most clinics will give you a discount in exchange for doing so.

Avoid Dermatologists

When looking for tattoo removal in your area, try to limit yourself to tattoo removal clinics. While you can also get a tattoo removed by a dermatologist, they tend to charge a lot more for an identical service. It’s also worth noting that tattoo removal clinics perform tattoo removal all day long and therefore likely to be much more experienced.

Laser Tattoo Removal Tips

Be Aware of the Limitations

For most people looking to remove an unwanted tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the obvious choice. Unfortunately however, it doesn’t work on all tattoos. Reds and blacks can be removed with ease. But lasers are largely ineffective on lighter colors such as yellow, pink and pale green.

Ask About Financing

If you’re on a tight budget, look for a tattoo removal company with flexible payment plans. Most companies allow you to pay per session, rather than for the entire treatment upfront. Some companies even offer financing deals. Tattoo removal is always going to be an expensive process but if you do your research, it’s easy to spread the cost.

Do Your Research

These days, tattoo removal is big business. And regardless of where you live, there’s likely to be a wide selection of clinics to choose from. Take the time to do your research. Compare prices and look online for unbiased reviews. You shouldn’t rush into choosing a tattoo artist and the same logic applies to choosing a tattoo removal clinic.

Don’t Worry About the Pain

Laser tattoo removal is painful, there’s no getting around this fact. The good news however is that it isn’t actually as painful as most people think. The laser is applied to your skin for seconds, not minutes. Numbing cream is always applied first and most clinics also offer optional lidocaine shots.

Consider a Cover Up

If you hate your tattoo, tattoo removal isn’t your only option. Have you thought about getting a new tattoo to cover up your existing one? This may seem like expecting two wrongs to make a right but it can actually prove surprisingly effective. A skilled tattoo artist can easily convert an existing tattoo into something completely unrecognizable.Tattoo cover ups are also cheaper, faster and significantly less painful.

Take After Care Seriously

Don’t underestimate the importance of aftercare. With tattoo removal comes a chance of permanent scarring. And the odds of this occurring depend largely on your willingness to protect the area after each session. It’s important to keep the area clean, moisturized and out of direct sunlight. You can find more laser tattoo removal aftercare tips here.