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Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

does laser tattoo removal hurtIf you’re thinking about getting a tattoo removed, you must have asked yourself this question at least once. Does laser tattoo removal hurt? And if it does hurt, just what kind of pain are we talking about?

Make no mistake, laser tattoo removal isn’t an enjoyable experience. The laser is red hot and it’s literally cutting into your skin. The good news however is that it’s not actually as painful as most people think.

Have you ever been snapped on the arm with a rubber band? If, yes, then this is a pretty accurate description of what you can expect. It hurts, but not a lot. You might yelp, but you’re certainly not going to start screaming (hopefully).

Another important thing to understand about laser tattoo removal is that it doesn’t last very long. In fact, a single tattoo removal session typically lasts no more than five seconds.

This means that even if you have a very, very low pain threshold, the whole thing is going to be over before you know it.

Still worried? Here are three ways that tattoo removal companies minimize the pain.

Numbing Cream

First off, we have numbing cream. To be honest with you, it’s not all that effective. It’s applied to the surface of your skin and only numbs the top layer. It has little effect on your skins second layer and unfortunately, that’s where your tattoo is. Despite this fact, it’s used in almost all tattoo removal clinics and can provide minor pain relief.


Next we have lidocaine. Unlike numbing cream, lidocaine can be injected directly into your skins second layer. And unlike numbing cream, it’s highly effective. Most tattoo removal companies provide lidocaine but they tend to charge extra for it.

If you’re worried about tattoo removal pain, a lidocaine injection is well worth paying for. Keep in mind however that some studies have indicated a correlation between lidocaine injections and increased scarring.

Ice Packs

Finally, we have ice packs. Don’t let their simplicity fool you, they are incredibly effective at keeping pain at bay. As the laser breaks up your tattoo, it emits heat. And the colder your skin is, the less pain you can expect to experience. Another advantage of ice packs is that after about ten minutes, your skins nerve endings begin to go numb.

Most tattoo removal companies provide ice packs, or icing. Most provide it free of charge.




Wrecking Balm Review

Wrecking Balm ReviewIf you’re thinking about ordering Wrecking Balm, the first logical step is to look for Wrecking Balm reviews. The next logical step is to spend your money elsewhere. Most reviews are negative and the words “Wrecking Balm scam” are prominent.

According to the manufacturer, the product can remove a tattoo within as little as two months. If you know anything about tattoo removal however, you’ll know that the odds of this claim being true are slim to none.

Unlike most home tattoo removal products, Wrecking Balm isn’t just a cream, it also comes complete with a mechanical scraper for removing your skins outer most layer.

After “sanding down” your skin, you’re supposed to apply the cream. The cream will then soak deeper into your skin and gently break up the ink of your tattoo.

Then, you leave your tattoo for 4 to 6 weeks and repeat. It’s claimed that you will eventually be tattoo free.

Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried this product myself. I considered it, researched it and what I found left me with very little interest in carving a hole in myself.

While the manufacturers website is professionally designed and covered in reassuring words such as “money back guarantee” and “FDA approved”, the customer reviews of the product have been almost universally negative.

On Amazon, it scored 2 out of 5. According to one reviewer:

“I have been trying this for over 6 months, 3 times a week- no change what so ever. Three boxes later, I have the same tattoo as before. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!”

On PissedConsumer, there are no less than 17 complaints

The product was also chastised on Fox 4 with reporter Steve Noviello asking a member of his staff to try it for six months. The result? Six months of use and no results whatsoever. You can see the clip here.

In conclusion, if you want your tattoo removed, you need laser tattoo removal. If you want to waste your money (and a layer of your skin), you need Wrecking Balm.

Perhaps, some day, there’ll be an alternative to laser tattoo removal but if Wrecking Balm is anything to go by, that day is still a very long way off.

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Laser Tattoo Removal AftercareLaser tattoo removal is a tricky process. Individual results vary and permanent scarring is very real possibility. If you want to keep scarring to a minimum, it’s important to take aftercare seriously.

Tattoo removal aftercare isn’t difficult. It can however be a little bit time consuming. Here are five ways that you can reduce the odds of scarring.

Keep the Area Clean

First off, you’re going to want to keep the area as clean as possible. This means removing the bandage, washing the area, and applying a new bandage at least twice a day.

Use warm water and mild soap. Avoid anti bacterial soap as it can cause skin irritation. Take special care when drying the area. If you’re too rough, you run the risk of removing the scab prematurely.

Apply Ointment

Apply ointment at least three times per day. This will keep your skin moist, increase the speed of healing and therefore reduce the risk of scarring. The best ointment to use for tattoo removal aftercare is Aloe Vera.

Don’t Pick Scabs or Pop Blisters

If scabs or blisters form around your tattoo, don’t start picking at them. For some, this might be easier said than done but it’s an important part of tattoo removal aftercare.

Blisters and scabs are there for a reason. They protect your skin while its in the process of healing itself. Every time you remove the scab, you are greatly increasing the odds of winding up with a scar.

Avoid the Sun

Try to keep your tattoo out of the sun whenever possible. It takes up to eight weeks for laser treatment to heal and during that time, your tattoo will remain sensitive to UV light. If you can’t cover your tattoo with clothing, wear plenty of sun block and try to stay in the shade. Use UV30 sun block that contains both zinc and titanium oxide.

Have Patience

Finally, if there’s one thing that you don’t want to do, it’s have too many sessions, too fast. Each session under the laser should be at least eight weeks apart. This is because your skin needs time to heal in between each one.

If you try to rush the process, your odds of scarring increase dramatically. You’re also likely to increase the number of sessions that you end up needing.



Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Does Tattoo Removal WorkFor those considering tattoo removal, the first question that they usually ask is does tattoo removal work. The short answer to this question is yes. Tattoos are no longer permanent. And provided you’re willing to pay for the process, they can be removed.

The long answer, however, well, that’s a little more complicated. I’ll start with laser tattoo removal.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

If you want to get rid of an unsightly tattoo, the first thing that you should consider is laser treatment. It’s the most expensive option, but it’s also by far the most effective.

Depending on the size, colour and location of your tattoo, you may have to get up to ten treatments. But in the end, your tattoo will have been removed completely.

The only downside of laser tattoo removal is that it doesn’t work on all colours. As a general rule of thumb, the lighter the colour, the less effective laser tattoo removal will prove.

In particular, laser tattoo removal is largely ineffective on yellow, pink and pale green. If your tattoo contains these colours, you might want to consider Rejuvi Tattoo Removal which is discussed at the end of the page.

Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work?

These days, there’s no shortage of tattoo removal creams on the market. Unfortunately however, there’s also no shortage of controversy surrounding them. There are two reasons for this.

First off, they’re not approved by the FDA. And secondly, there’s no proof that they actually work.

If you purchase a tattoo removal cream, the best case scenario is that it lightens your tattoo. And the worst case scenario is that it burns your skin without having any positive effect whatsoever.

If you’re serious about getting your tattoo removed, skip the cream and go for the laser.