Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Laser Tattoo Removal AftercareLaser tattoo removal is a tricky process. Individual results vary and permanent scarring is very real possibility. If you want to keep scarring to a minimum, it’s important to take aftercare seriously.

Tattoo removal aftercare isn’t difficult. It can however be a little bit time consuming. Here are five ways that you can reduce the odds of scarring.

Keep the Area Clean

First off, you’re going to want to keep the area as clean as possible. This means removing the bandage, washing the area, and applying a new bandage at least twice a day.

Use warm water and mild soap. Avoid anti bacterial soap as it can cause skin irritation. Take special care when drying the area. If you’re too rough, you run the risk of removing the scab prematurely.

Apply Ointment

Apply ointment at least three times per day. This will keep your skin moist, increase the speed of healing and therefore reduce the risk of scarring. The best ointment to use for tattoo removal aftercare is Aloe Vera.

Don’t Pick Scabs or Pop Blisters

If scabs or blisters form around your tattoo, don’t start picking at them. For some, this might be easier said than done but it’s an important part of tattoo removal aftercare.

Blisters and scabs are there for a reason. They protect your skin while its in the process of healing itself. Every time you remove the scab, you are greatly increasing the odds of winding up with a scar.

Avoid the Sun

Try to keep your tattoo out of the sun whenever possible. It takes up to eight weeks for laser treatment to heal and during that time, your tattoo will remain sensitive to UV light. If you can’t cover your tattoo with clothing, wear plenty of sun block and try to stay in the shade. Use UV30 sun block that contains both zinc and titanium oxide.

Have Patience

Finally, if there’s one thing that you don’t want to do, it’s have too many sessions, too fast. Each session under the laser should be at least eight weeks apart. This is because your skin needs time to heal in between each one.

If you try to rush the process, your odds of scarring increase dramatically. You’re also likely to increase the number of sessions that you end up needing.



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