Wrecking Balm Review


Wrecking Balm ReviewIf you’re thinking about ordering Wrecking Balm, the first logical step is to look for Wrecking Balm reviews. The next logical step is to spend your money elsewhere. Most reviews are negative and the words “Wrecking Balm scam” are prominent.

According to the manufacturer, the product can remove a tattoo within as little as two months. If you know anything about tattoo removal however, you’ll know that the odds of this claim being true are slim to none.

Unlike most home tattoo removal products, Wrecking Balm isn’t just a cream, it also comes complete with a mechanical scraper for removing your skins outer most layer.

After “sanding down” your skin, you’re supposed to apply the cream. The cream will then soak deeper into your skin and gently break up the ink of your tattoo.

Then, you leave your tattoo for 4 to 6 weeks and repeat. It’s claimed that you will eventually be tattoo free.

Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried this product myself. I considered it, researched it and what I found left me with very little interest in carving a hole in myself.


While the manufacturers website is professionally designed and covered in reassuring words such as “money back guarantee” and “FDA approved”, the customer reviews of the product have been almost universally negative.

On Amazon, it scored 2 out of 5. According to one reviewer:

“I have been trying this for over 6 months, 3 times a week- no change what so ever. Three boxes later, I have the same tattoo as before. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!”

On PissedConsumer, there are no less than 17 complaints

The product was also chastised on Fox 4 with reporter Steve Noviello asking a member of his staff to try it for six months. The result? Six months of use and no results whatsoever.

In conclusion, if you want your tattoo removed, you need laser tattoo removal. If you want to waste your money (and a layer of your skin), you need Wrecking Balm.

Perhaps, some day, there’ll be an alternative to laser tattoo removal but if Wrecking Balm is anything to go by, that day is still a very long way off.